Are you looking for a cost-effective but good-quality translation service? We offer translations in French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Finnish, Chinese, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, English, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Dutch and any other languages you may require!  

We translate complete websites, mailings, newsletters, brochures, forms, web content and SEO-friendly landing pages to increase your rental and sales potential and help build your credibility.  

We offer translations from € 0,039 per word!

To be able to offer translations that are of excellent quality and to ensure that the texts are interpreted correctly, we only work with translators for whom the translatable text is in their native language, and alongside this we always use a proofreader at no extra cost to you. The second proofreader is a second native translator who checks the work of the translator once more for possible typographical errors and correct interpretation in order for us to offer the most accurate translation of excellent quality to our customers.

As a rule, and when this meets your preferred deadline, we use one translator (per language) for each task to ensure that the writing style of the documents or the website content remains consistent. Using one writing style can be very beneficial for your SEO! Using multiple translators per language is however possible if required.

If you would like to be reassured of the quality of what we provide, we can offer you a free small test translation (maximum 250 words) of your content in the required language. In this way, you can be assured in advance that both the quality and the writing style of the translator meet your requirements. Every translator has their own style of writing and this way we can make sure in advance that the correct translator has been assigned to the task!

In addition, we offer all our clients, up to 100,000 words, a risk-free payment after delivery. We do this to guarantee our quality and keep our clients satisfied. This way, we can be sure that you are happy with the work we have produced before we receive payment. It also means that you can rely on the fact that we will do everything to deliver the quality we promise and which you are looking for! 

How we work

Send us a text or website link and we will reply promptly with a quotation. We always guarantee fast delivery times. At Holiday Translations, we can provide you with the most accurate translation services in any file format or software. It is also possible, by mutual agreement, to place content directly into your extranet.

Each customer is assigned a fixed person to contact for updates on the translation process. If there is anything we're unsure about, you can rest assured that we will be in contact prior to proceeding. An accurate translation stands or falls on a clear understanding of the source text. At Holiday Translations, we do not resort to guessing the precise meaning. But that doesn't mean that we bother our clients with all sorts of petty questions.

Delivery and Rates

In most cases, we are able to deliver translations of up to 2,000 words in length (equivalent to 4 or 5 standard A4 pages) within 2 working days in all requested languages. Do you need your translation more quickly? No problem: we can generally find a solution to meet your deadline! Naturally, the speed of the translation depends directly on the complexity of your text. We can generally deliver relatively straightforward documents more quickly than, for example, highly technical translations or legal documents. For prices for our cost-effective and high-quality translation, please click here.

NOTE: For translations of general terms and conditions or contracts, we make use of a translator with a legal background and/or sufficient knowledge of such work.  We however do not offer certified legal translations. 

For further information or a no-obligation quotation, please contact us.