Our Benefits

After many years of experience in the Real Estate and tourism sectors, we have specialised in the translating, revising and writing of tourism and Real Estate related websites and content into multiple languages and at very competitive rates! During this time, we have carefully built up a network of native speaking/writing translators with experience in tourism and Real Estate. We are an online company and we don’t have high office bills that we look to pass on to our clients. This means we can offer our clients translation and copywriting at very low rates, starting at € 0,039 per word for translations and € 0,058 per word for copywriting, always maintaining a high quality.  

To provide high-quality translations and copywriting, and to ensure that the texts are interpreted correctly, we only work only with translators and writers for whom the texts are in their native language. For all our translations and copywriting, we work with a proofreader (free of charge to you). This second proofreader is a second native translator/writer who checks the work of the translator/writer for possible writing or typographical errors as well as for the correct interpretation, in order to deliver the most accurate translation or text of excellent quality to our clients.

If you would like to be certain in advance of the level of quality that we can deliver, we will be happy to offer you a small sample text, free of charge (max. 250 words). This way, you can ensure up-front that both the quality and the writing style of the translator/writer meet your requirements. Every translator/writer has their own unique style of writing and this way you can be sure that the right person is doing the job! Because we work with a large network of different writers and translators it is also easy for us to switch to another translator/writer in the event that the sample text is not exactly what you are looking for.

In addition to this, we only take payment, for up to 100,000 words, once the translation work is completed. We do this to keep our quality high and to ensure our clients are happy with the work we provide. This way, we do not get paid until you are satisfied with our work. It also gives you a guarantee that we will offer the quality we promise and that you are looking for! 

We normally use one translator or writer per assignment (per language) to ensure a consistent writing style for the documents or the website. Maintaining a single writing style can be very beneficial to your SEO! Depending on the complexity of the content, one translator can on average translate 2,000 words per working day while guaranteeing that the quality of the translation remains high. If you need to have a larger quantity of words translated per day because you have a short deadline, we can always use additional writers/ translators at your request.  

As well as translation, proofreading, revision and copywriting / blogwriting, we also offer our clients online support in the event that you wish to feature languages on your website in which you are unable to respond.  

Summary of our benefits

  • High-quality and cost-effective translations from € 0,039 per word 
  • Translations, copywriting, blogwriting, editing & proofreading into and from all languages! 
  • A preliminary test translation (up to 250 words) free of charge, possible in all language combinations.
  • Risk-free: we only accept payment on completion, up to 100,000 words, to keep our quality high and our clients happy.
  • We only work with native translators! All our translators offer high-quality translations and have extensive experience in the tourism and real estate sectors!
  • All translations and copywriting/blogwriting jobs are checked free of charge by a second proofreader! 
  • We do not charge for repeated content.
  • We have no minimum charge per job.
  • All your content will be treated confidentially!
  • Your choice of format: content can be sent to us in any file format, or we can translate content as it appears on your website, or we can upload translated content directly to your CMS system.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers from the tourism and real estate sectors have gone before you!

For a free quotation for your website/documents or for more information about the services we provide, please contact us.

NOTE: For translations of general terms and conditions or contracts, we make use of a translator with a legal background and/or sufficient knowledge of such work.  We however do not offer certified legal translations.