Online Support

Following many years of experience in the Real Estate sector, Tourism and Customer services, we also offer you the possibility to react to your customers in a professional manner by email, to increase your chances of rental or sales. Most importantly, we understand both the Internet and the customer. We know that a quick reaction is of crucial importance to ensure that you do not lose a potential sale or rental simply because you are not able to react before your competitors do! For this reason, we offer you very quick reaction options! Click here for more information on our high-quality translations!

How we work

In order to use our online support, you first have to select a support bundle. With your bundle, you purchase a maximum number of words to be translated and you do not have to use your entire bundle in one go. After each translation, you will receive an email with the number of words remaining in your bundle. You can access our online support using What's App, Skype, or email to contact us for a quick response. You are assigned a fixed contact person who you can contact for updates on the translation process. If there is anything we're unsure about, you can rest assured that we'll contact you before proceeding. After you send us the text for translation (e.g. a response to send to a customer), we move quickly to translate it and return it to you with a guaranteed fast delivery time. Using Skype or What's App will increase the speed of delivery. For further information or a quotation, please contact us.

Delivery and Rates

In most cases, we are able to deliver translations of documents of up to 500 words in all requested languages (equivalent to 1 standard A4 page) within 1 working day. Do you need your translation more quickly? No problem: we can generally find a solution to meet your deadline! Naturally, the speed of the translation is directly related to the complexity of your text. We can generally deliver relatively straightforward documents more quickly than, for example, highly technical translations or legal documents. Translation carried out by our online support requires you to buy a support bundle in advance. 

NOTE: For translations of general terms and conditions or contracts, we make use of a translator with a legal background and/or sufficient knowledge of such work.  We however do not offer certified legal translations. 

For further information or a no-obligation quotation, please contact us.